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The book shelf

One thing all we Satanists have in common is our love of studying, in fact most of us have gotten to where we are with the help of the books we have read. So here is a list ( an every growing one....hopefully) of the books that we like and have inspired us. Please drop us a line if you want to add some books yourself like I said it's an every growing list.

Disclaimer: This does not mean we agree with everything we read on the pages and not all of these books will be classified as 'Satanic' per se

Non fiction

The complete book of Demonolatry- S. Connolly

Honouring death—The arte of Daemonolatry Necromancy- S. Connolly

The Satanic Bible- Anton Lavey

the Kybalion- The Three initiates

The Hermetica- Lost wisdom of the Pharaohs- Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy

Ater Votum: Daemonolatry prayer book- Rev Laura has a prayer featured in here

My name is Legion, for we are many (This is a book that holds the stories of many Satanists, Demonolaters and those who follow Dark Pagan path. It tells their story of their personal religious journey)- Rev Laura has her story featured in here.

Paths to Satan- A guide to contemporary Satanism-Martin McGreggor

Devil Worship The Sacred Books and Traditions of the Yezidiz-Isya Joseph

Hecatean magick-Brad Morlan

A special mention to a series of books by the scholar Jeffrey Burton Russell looking at Satan and the Devil through the centuries. I won't link to each book here instead I will link to his Amazon store.


Memnoch the Devil- Anne Rice

The Devils apocrypha- John DeVito

We at the conclave recommend the author Audrey Brice who writes the occult series  Ordo Templi Serpentis Mysteries. Very pro Demonolatry and Satanism. The lead character is herself a Demonolator ( as is the author and has written several influential books on the subject under the name S. connolly) , they are a great read. The books can be found here

Neither fiction or non fiction...a wee bit of both

The Bible- Various writers ( The NRSV version is closest to the correct translations)

The Koran-Mohammed