The Satanic Conclave of Great Britain


Please fill this application out and send it to us. Please be honest as you never know what might approve your application. After you've filled it out please email it to [email protected] . Your membership application ( and subsequent entry if successful) will not be made public knowledge. Good luck!

Question 1:

How long have you been a Satanist?

Question 2:

Can you please share what your belief is?

Question 3:

What Satanic texts have inspired you?

Question 4:

Do you reside in GB?

Question 5:

At the moment membership is free but we might start charging to cover admin fee's etc. Would you be willing to pay a small fee?

Question 6:

What can you bring to the conclave to help it and its member thrive?

Question 7:

Do you hold a religious title from institutions such as the Universal life church? We may ask for proof of this.

Question : 8

Please share anything else that you think would support you application?