The Satanic Conclave of Great Britain


About us

The satanic conclave of Great Britain is an organisation for the numerous Satanists and demonolaters that inhabit this fine country. its main aim is to bring Satanists and demonolaters together, first via the internet and then, hopefully, to face-to-face contact. the conclave does not have a set doctrine or religious teaching, the only requirement is that the member does have a religious belief and worship Satan and ( or) the demons. there is no doctrine because we believe that each member has his or her own path to follow and what might be right for them may not be right for others. Each and every member will treat others like family. it is expected that this conclave will treat each member fairly and decently. of course it is not expected that you will get on like a house on fire with everyone but if you have a disagreement then you approach the person or persons privately and do not have a flame war in public.

Although there is no set doctrine or religious teaching, if you are a member of the satanic clergy either by the universal life church or your demonolatry sect you are most welcome to use your title here but please still observe the rules.